Plus Size Wedding Dresses

  • Chi Chi London
  • Chi Chi London
    UZS1,757,871 UZS1,104,847
  • ModCloth
    UZS2,008,995 UZS1,456,421
  • UZS1,798,051 UZS1,305,746
  • ModCloth
    UZS1,094,902 UZS803,498
  • Jenny Yoo
    UZS3,013,493 UZS2,762,268
  • ModCloth
    UZS2,501,199 UZS1,506,646
  • Chi Chi London
    UZS1,998,950 UZS1,406,196
  • ModCloth
    UZS1,898,500 UZS1,155,072
  • Chi Chi London
    UZS1,798,051 UZS1,456,421


WEDDINGS ARE FOR WOWING. If it's oohs and ahhs you want, then you had better get to work sifting through the unique plus size wedding dresses in ModCloth's bridal shop! Maybe you'll take their breath away with intricately embroidered bridal gown, or perhaps you'll surprise 'em with a tea length dress. The choice is yours - all you have to do is peruse the plus size bridal dresses we have to pick from!

When you find the plus size wedding dress of your dreams, you'll feel like a confident goddess who can't stop shining! Symptoms of happiness with your amazing plus size bridal dress are smiling incessantly, waving to every guest, and generally wowing the crowd. Bow-topped waistlines, lace overlays, peeks of sequins, and voluminous skirts don't hurt the cause, either! It's not everyday you see unique plus size wedding dresses that fit your charming character the way ModCloth's do!

On your mark, get set, go and find your perfect plus size wedding dress! We promise it won't be as much of a wild goose chase as some brides make it out to be - with ModCloth's extensive plus size bridal dress selection, you're going to feel like a sparkling star just imagining yourself in each style's special details.

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