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With the nights getting longer, the leaves changing, and class back in session, it all means that homecoming is on the horizon. There’s no time like the present to start looking for dreamy homecoming dresses! A time to dance, celebrate, and dazzle, the homecoming dance is the most unforgettable social event of the fall season, so bring your very best in a stunning dress from ModCloth. We absolutely adore formalwear—and know you do, too—so we’ve curated a unique collection of red vintage dresses, sparkling beaded gowns, embroidered fit and flares, and more to make this occasion the greatest one yet.

Though homecoming is considered to be generally less formal than prom, you can style yourself as elegantly as you’d like with any of our stunning homecoming dresses. Knee-length dresses are a tried-and-true option for this type of event, which really allows your shoes to shine. Choose a hue, find a silhouette you love, discover jewelry to match, snag a new bag, and add those sophisticated kicks you’ve been eyeing to your cart. Then, before you know it, you’ll be totally set to make a polished impression this homecoming season, from photos, to the dance floor, to the after party!

The time has arrived to find a gorgeous dress for the homecoming dance! Wondering where to begin? To start, consider colors you feel most comfortable wearing. Jewel tones are rather popular during this time of year, so think of burgundy dresses, navy blue dresses, emerald green dresses, and mustard yellow dresses as your friends. Selecting a silhouette is up next. Do you prefer a more fitted look, a classic cut, or a style with extra volume? Don’t forget to keep preferred length in mind! With these basic criteria sorted out, you can turn to ModCloth’s handy search filters, and like magic, your perfect dress shall appear. It’s really that easy!

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