1980s Fashion

  • ModCloth
    Db2,134,798 Db1,401,419
  • ModCloth
    Db1,487,889 Db1,185,783
  • Louche
    Db474,399 Db431,057
  • ModCloth
    Db2,134,798 Db1,401,419
  • ModCloth
    Db1,487,889 Db1,077,965
  • Little Mistress
    Db2,566,070 Db1,940,510
  • ModCloth
    Db1,487,889 Db1,077,965
  • Traffic People
    Db3,644,251 Db3,018,690
  • ModCloth
    Db1,272,253 Db970,147
  • Lee
    Db2,113,234 Db1,401,419
  • Db754,726 Db538,875
  • Db150,945
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  • Chelsea Crew
    Db1,509,453 Db1,293,601
  • ModCloth
    Db1,703,525 Db1,293,601
  • Db539,090 Db431,057
  • Saint Geraldine
  • ModCloth
    Db970,363 Db754,511
  • ModCloth
    Db754,726 Db431,057


Get decked out in your favorite decade with our 80s clothing at ModCloth! From structured blazers to animal-print leggings, our 80s style clothing is sure to make your outfits pop! Turn heads in our 1980s clothing like our 80s denim outfits and bright, fun accessories! Capture the colorful decade in a retro ensemble, like an 80s sweater outfit paired with printed leggings. Or, show your flair for vintage-inspired fashion in a flowy top and an 80s skirt outfit. Pull all your 80s-inspired outfits together with a fitted blazer and vibrant neon accessories. Get your hairspray ready and buy 80s clothing at ModCloth today!

Ready to add some rad to your closet? We know that adding vintage touches to your modern day look can be challenging. So let us make it easy with our 80s clothing for the modern day gal. Whether you're looking for 80s dresses or a bright pair of 1980-style shoes, our 80s fashion will liven up your look. Pair a contemporary pair of skinny jeans with an oversized sweater for instant 80s flair. Opt for a neon scrunchy when accessorizing your favorite dresses and skirts. We love to pair 80s-style straight leg jeans with our of-the-moment blouses and tops. Go back a couple decades and check out our awesome 80s retro clothing!

Our 80s vintage clothing is sure to make a retro statement, but what's a look without a great pair of shoes? Complete your cute 80s outfits with our dance floor-worthy pumps, flats, and sneakers. You can dance the night away in a sassy style, such as a peppy pair of patent pumps or sky-high stilettos. Add flair to a casual outfit with a pair of polka-dot flats or bold lace-up boots. Looking to style an 80s skirt outfit? We have printed block heels and neon sneakers to complete the look. We know the 1980s is calling your name with all the great looks of the time. Try a look or two!

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