jaglever, noelledowning, steffy Sweetheart Shop
@jaglever @noelledowning @steffy
A sweetheart squad that’s about to gain a new member.
“We love shooting photos, but it’s also nice to have a day with friends where we take a break from our phones and just enjoy each other's company.” @jaglever
“I love that I can still feel stylish and festive, even with my growing bump!” @steffy
missalexarosa Sweetheart Shop
@missalexarosa and Paul, a couple that’s cuter than Cupid.
“My perfect Valentine’s Day outfit is something flowy, romantic, and red.” @missalexarosa
abeautifulmess Sweetheart Shop
A pair of sisters that are joined at the hip.
“The holiday is more fun when it's not only about our partners, but also others we love.” @abeautifulmess
abeautifulmess Sweetheart Shop
Married lovebirds that prove happily ever after does exist.
“We became really good friends and six months later, one evening, Cupid shot his arrows straight into our hearts.” @honeynsilk
@nicolettemason Sweetheart Shop
This match-made-in-heaven couple is #relationshipgoals.
“Love means feeling valued. Love means laughing together at the silliest things. Love means encouragement.” @nicolettemason
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