Straight Leg Jeans

In a hurry? Dash out the door in an outfit that always wows with a pair of straight leg jeans! Effortlessly chic and entirely cool, straight leg jeans make any get-up stylish in a cinch. Whether you’re late for a lunch date or running to the store before it closes, you can always rely on straight leg jeans to get you out the door in a fashionable flash!

The denim of your dreams are here — in a pair of straight leg jeans from ModCloth! With sturdy cotton constructions, convenient pockets, retro silhouettes, and a variety of colors, straight leg jeans will soon become a favorite staple in your closet. And, once you see how wonderfully they go with all your favorite tops and shoes, straight leg jeans will become your favorite pants of all!

The best thing about straight leg jeans? How they can be transformed into a casual daytime look into an edgy ensemble for a night on the town. It’s all about how straight leg jeans are styled, and, thanks to their versatile denim and straight leg silhouette, they can be worn with just about anything!”
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