Slips & Petticoats


If you've never tried sporting a slip under your favorite cocktail dresses, you had better hurry up and give it a try! What's the rush? Well, once you wear a full slip, half slip, contouring slip, or even a sexy slip corselet, you'll wonder why you wasted so much time fancying up without them! So, quick, open your eyes to the amazingness that is rocking a vintage-inspired slip from ModCloth.

The best way to make your fit and flare dress really fill the room is to line it with a lovely vintage-inspired petticoat! The petticoats you'll find at ModCloth are made with comfortable satiny waistbands and layers upon layers of tulle that, if you want 'em to, could totally peek out from under your hemline to add an extra element of intrigue to your twirl-worthy ensemble.

What's the best part about rocking the slips, petticoats, and corsets from ModCloth's collection? Depends on who you ask - pin-up mavens would say our sexy contouring corselets are where it's at, while ladies looking for va-va-voom in their ensembles would point to our vintage-inspired petticoats as the finest in town. Then you've got your modern lady who loves simple slips and swears they enhance her look tenfold. We suggest you take their word for it!
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