Phone & Music Accessories

If you really want to show your bestie you love her, shower her in cute phone accessories! Over-ear headphones, earbuds, cool smartphone cases, and chargers are all awesome options, and they're all marvelous music accessories that make gifts she'll put to good use on the daily. Win-win!

Don't get busted with a dead iPhone or Android battery - hit up the phone accessories category of ModCloth and find yourself a patterned phone charger or bold battery pack that will extend the life of your cell! And, while you're at it, might as well snag a sweet phone stand and a set of quirky earbuds, too!

Your smartphone is always the final touch to your ensemble, so dress it up accordingly! We've got cat-printed phone cases, glittery phone covers, and clear protectors that have what it takes to perfect your appearance. In fact, fill up on phone accessories so you can swap 'em out when the mood strikes.”
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