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A life filled with dresses is a life well spent! How are we so sure? Well, here at ModCloth we have a lot of experience styling dresses for every occasion imaginable, and the outcome has been sparkling smiles across the board. Peep our most popular styles of dresses, which include pinup dresses (so sassy!), maxi dresses (fabulously flowy!), wedding dresses (hello, romance!), and blue dresses (beautifully bold!). Talk about a stylish variety, eh? Not only do we take pride in carrying a wide variety of silhouettes and a great selection of patterns and solids, we also offer an abundance of sizes. From XXS-4X, our fashionable dresses are for everyone. Yes, even you!

For those of you familiar with the classics - maxi dresses, midi dresses, mini dresses, and A-line dresses - it's time to take a chance on totally new styles. Perhaps you want to switch up your silhouette with a high-low dress or an asymmetrical hemline. Alternatively, you could amp up your appearance with an embroidered frock or an eyelet dress. Or, if you're already going for a bold ensemble on the daily, changing the game might look more like incorporating minimalist dresses into your rotation. Whatever it is you seek, we're here to support you with fashionable dresses in every size! Oh, and one more suggestion? Try tossing a cute sweater over your favorite dresses, or a blouse underneath, to expand the styling possibilities exponentially! It's little tricks like these that make your favorite dresses feel fresh with every wear.

How to dress for your body type is as simple as sporting what makes you feel your most confident! If to you that means a close-fitting frock, there's no doubt you'll look lovely. If you prefer a tailored A-line fit, you'll be a vision in that, as well! What about a drop waist dress or a loose-fitting outfit? Yep, both of those and more are silhouettes that are sure to make you shine, and they're available in ModCloth's dress shop. Come peruse our casual dresses to what fabrics and accents make you feel most fabulous on an average day, and when a formal affair comes along, search through our bridesmaids dresses, wedding dresses, and red party dresses (every color, really!) for the fancy dress that makes your best self shine through.

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