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Cream Color Dresses

If dresses were dessert (and hey, why not?), we'd have to say creme dresses would be the whipped cream on top of our sundae. Light, airy, and lovely, they're sure to add that extra swirl of sweetness to your ensemble. And if you think lace dresses and ivory dresses and just for walking down the aisle, think again. These beauties can easily be worn to an outdoor spring soiree or to your friend's upcoming baby shower. If, however, you do hear wedding bells in your future, one of our cream colored wedding dresses just might be 'the one.' WHAT TO WEAR WITH A CREAM DRESS?
You've got your gorgeous cream dress. Now it's time to add all the 'toppings.' How you style your dress depends on the one you have, of course. Is it the backdrop for a unique pattern or floral print? In that case, you'd want the color of your accessories to match or complement the colors in the print. Same with adding any layers. If you have a blue floral print dress, for example, a cropped blue cardi would be the perfect accent (and your BFF in cooler weather). When it comes to formal lace dresses or cream prom dresses, metallic or pearl accessories would look absolutely divine. WHAT COLOR SHOES TO WEAR WITH A CREAM DRESS?
Now to our favorite part - the shoes! Perhaps you're not so comfortable with high heels, then a pair of low-heel pumps will be your go-to. They'll add just the right amount of height while keeping you steady on your feet. If you've gone all out with one of our vintage evening gowns, a pair of t-strap vintage heels would make it a true retro ensemble! Now on to your question about color. While you can attempt to match to the exact shade of cream as your dress (which is tricky), we suggest going for a champagne hue, a flattering blush, or a pop color that matches your lipstick.

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