Portrait of Vespa

Age: 8 years Weight: 38 lbs
Breed: Labrador Mix

Hi! I’m Vespa! I’m a 38 lbs, 8-years-old Lab mix! I’m hearing impaired but it does not alter my day to day life one bit!
Portrait of Princess Patricia
Princess Patricia

Age: 8 years Weight: 15 lbs
Breed: Chug (Chihuahua/Pug Mix)

Hi! I’m Princess Patricia and I am a delight (at least that is what my foster family says!). I love playing with dogs and cuddling with dogs so I would very much appreciate a home with at least one dog friend.
Portrait of Queen Esty
Queen Esty

Age: 9 years Weight: 60 lbs
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Hello, I’m Queen Esty, but you can call me Esther if you want. Heck, you can even call me Estée. I have been told that I am a hoot. I like to roll over and receive belly rubs. My belly is ALWAYS open for belly rubs.
Portrait of Yumi

Age: 5 years Weight: 12 lbs
Breed: Shih Tzu

Hi, I'm Yumi. I've had a helluva journey! Animal Control picked me up and they actually thought I was deceased. I was matted and had foxtails in every part of my body-including my eyes. I had to have one eye removed but I think it gives me character.
Portrait of Cantaloupe

Age: 10 years Weight: 25 lbs
Breed: Terrier Mix

Hi! I’m Cantaloupe! I love to go on walks to the park and have recently taken up jogging while my foster dad rides his skateboard next to me. I’m also just fine laying around the house all day.
Portrait of FlavorFlav

Age: 5 years Weight: 6 lbs
Breed: Chihuahua

Hi. I’m FlavorFlav! I’m a loyalist. I like who I like. I am the most cuddly, loving, amazing dog with those I love. People tell me I am around 4–5 years old and I weigh around 5–6 lbs.
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