Knee-Length Skirts

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Knee Length Skirts

Move over, mini skirts - knee length skirts are here for their moment in the spotlight! Curious about how to wear knee length skirts? For casual moments, we recommend a casual short sleeve graphic tee for a lovely and laid back feel. That same skirt can be given a formal refresh with the addition of a button-up blouse or a sleeveless top with sophisticated fabric. Whether it's for work, the weekend, or an evening out on the town, knee length skirts are welcomed everywhere! With all this sartorial inspiration in mind, how will you wear ModCloth's knee length skirts with pockets? We can't wait to see the looks you create. DISCUSS AT LENGTH
'Knee length' is a term that's tossed around quite a bit in the fashion world. How many inches is a knee length skirt? That's a hotly-debated figure, because everyone's body is different! We typically consider midi skirts to clock in at around 27 inches in length, so if you're looking for a true knee length fit, we highly recommend getting familiar with your measurements. Our collection of modest skirts has something for everyone, whether you're a fan of simple, solid colors, or your preference lies in quirky patterns. Knee length midi skirts in plus sizes also abound, meaning this classic style is available to all. The midi sure is mighty! COME MARVEL AT THESE MIDI SKIRTS
We love a great knee length skirt, and we know for a fact that you do too! That's why we've created a stunning selection of midi skirts to suit your every style fancy. High-waisted skirts are a tried and true style of this incredible assortment, giving a retro feel to your look along with a comfortable fit. Speaking of fit, pencil skirts are another hit of the collection, bringing that timeless figure-highlighting silhouette to your wardrobe with polish that just won't stop. Let's not forget our reverence for knee length skirts with pockets! That's right, pockets. So, which style is your fave?

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