Puff Sleeve Dresses

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    LSL1,416 LSL1,193
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    LSL1,257 LSL954
  • LSL939 LSL795
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  • Hutch
    LSL2,211 LSL1,829
  • Traffic People
    LSL2,688 LSL2,465
  • Traffic People
    LSL2,052 LSL1,749
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    LSL1,893 LSL1,431
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  • ModCloth
    LSL1,575 LSL795
  • Little Mistress
    LSL2,052 LSL1,829
  • Closet London
    LSL1,829 LSL1,431
  • Louche
    LSL1,829 LSL1,193
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  • ModCloth
    LSL1,257 LSL875
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    LSL1,734 LSL1,272


Create confidence and turn heads in a puff sleeve dress with vintage vibes! ModCloth influencers are always inspired by a classic puff sleeve black dress. Check out how many accessory combinations you can make! So versatile and charming, a puff sleeve midi dress is the perfect way to show off your favorite shoes and your unique personality. Express yourself in these highly requested customer favorites that can be dressed up or down. New styles are added every day, so don’t miss out on these influencer approved pieces! Chat with a ModCloth stylist for free personalized tips on rocking your new ModCloth puff sleeve dress and feel beautiful!

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