Pocket Dresses

  • Hutch
    CF67,209 CF52,028
  • Closet London
    CF47,263 CF39,020
  • Louche
    CF38,591 CF32,516
  • Dangerfield
    CF29,919 CF23,844
  • ModCloth
    CF38,591 CF30,348
  • Voodoo Vixen
  • Voodoo Vixen
  • Hutch
    CF62,873 CF54,196
  • Hutch
    CF60,271 CF52,028
  • Black Friday
  • Black Friday
    CF29,919 CF26,012
  • ModCloth
    CF38,591 CF34,684
  • Saint Geraldine
    CF55,935 CF34,684
  • Saint Geraldine
    CF55,935 CF43,356
  • CF55,935 CF43,356
    2 left!
  • Mademoiselle Yeye
    CF55,935 CF45,524
    1 left!
  • Emily and Fin
  • Mata Traders
    CF42,927 CF26,012
    3 left!
  • Hutch
    CF60,271 CF36,852
  • Hutch
    CF60,271 CF45,524
  • Molly Bracken
    CF34,255 CF26,012


One sure way to perfect a dress is by adding pockets - we’re certain you can agree. That’s why pocketed dresses are ModCloth’s signature style! We’ve got pocket dresses all across the spectrum of silhouettes, sizes, colors, and prints. Our lovely frocks range from plus-size work dresses with pockets to head-turning cocktail dresses with pockets, and of course we haven’t forgotten pocketed shirt dresses, A-lines with pockets, and even pocketed sundresses. We weren’t kidding when we said we have it all! For holding your phone, hanging onto your keys, stashing found seashells, stones, and such, patch pockets, hidden side pockets, and any other style of built-in hip storage will make you a happy fashionista.

It’s not just casual dresses that ModCloth has equipped with pocketry - work dresses and fancy dresses can come along for the pocket party, too! In the office-ready realm, our top pocketed picks are sheath dresses with sleeves, conservative A-lines, and belted dresses for days when black pants just won’t cut it. In the festivity-ready frock arena, our strappy mini dresses, colorful fit and flares, and plus-size lace dresses are pocketed dress options that will have you feeling dashing, daring, and delightful all at the same time.

As if we would ever exclude wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses from our pocketed dresses selection! Bridal gowns in ivory, white, and even pastels are all in our pocket dresses category, while maxi dresses with beading, embroidery, and chiffon overlays wow their wearer with their attention to detail. We hereby declare that fancy affairs shan’t be spared from the functionality of dresses with pockets!

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