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So you've found our floral skirts on our site that you're eager to outfit, ASAP. Are you wondering where to go from here? Fear not - we've got you. If you're looking to sport your brand new skirt to the office, we highly recommend pairing dressy tops with floral skirts for a classic approach to workwear. From sleeveless blouses to chunky sweaters, most tops are optimal for partnering up with a blossoming print. For brunch, a foray to the farmers market, or a day of errands, Oxford flats and a graphic tee are excellent choices for bookending a floral-featured look. Once you've got the hang of the basics, there's no go wrong when it comes to styling floral skirts! Just open your imagination - and your closet - to see where the ensemble inspiration leads. You've got this!

You know and love ModCloth as a dress destination, and that passion will only grow once you discover our incredible collection of all things floral! Floral skirts, floral pants, floral tops - opportunity abounds for you to add some blossoming boldness to your wardrobe. We love the look of a simple white shirt with a floral pattern, because it really allows the motif shine. The only thing better than an easy tee with a flower print is, you guessed it, florals on florals! Different print sizes within the same color family turn an otherwise chaotic outfit into something edgy and impactful. Thinking outside the lines? We also recommend a cool and classic combination of stripes with florals. Around here, floral skirts, sheaths, sneakers, and more are always in season!

In alignment with our commitment to make style available to everyone, we offer a seemingly endless array of floral skirts in a full size range! Once your cart fills with blossom-patterned bottoms, check out our plus size polka dot blouses to round out an outfit with absolute charm. Inclusivity is everything, so do have fun while exploring our assortment, and prepare yourself to fall in love with sweet new fashions in the patterns you love, and in the fits you deserve.

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