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  • Sugarhill Brighton
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  • Sugarhill Brighton
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Casual Shirts

TAKE IT FROM THE 'CASUAL' TOPBuilding an ensemble is like writing a story, and with our collection of casual tops, your look can embody any genre! Give your fashionable tale a romantic beginning with one of our cute tops, or create an exciting ending by flaunting a trendy ModCloth top of your choosing. Any could become an instant classic!CHILL ANY WAY YOU CHOOSEThere are endless ways to relish in some R&R, but the best ways always start with one of our casual tops! Whether your fashion sense has an inclination towards cute tops, or you're a trendy-tops-wearin' kinda gal, ModCloth has you covered for all the ways you relax with style that just won't stop.COOL, CUTE, AND CASUAL? CHECK!Tackle your to-do list in any one of our casual tops and hoodies! Sometimes trendy, often times cute, and always in-style, ModCloth offers you and your agenda a bountiful selection of tops in which to indulge, meaning that you can cross 'incredible ensemble' off of your itinerary first and foremost!

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