1990s Fashion

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90s Fashion and Outfits

What was '90s fashion? The clothing style of the '90s has recently made a resurgence, with tiny sunglasses, butterfly clips, and frosted makeup making their way back into the mainstream. If you're looking to emulate the particular edge of the era, layering plaid shirts around the waist of feminine dresses is an easy and iconic way to go. The velour scrunchies, neon outerwear, and crop tops that once reigned supreme are now enjoying their moment in the spotlight a second time around. Chunky boots and platform sneakers radiate an undeniable attitude, and both pair perfectly with a satiny slip dress. So, what to wear to a '90s party? The popularity of retro clothing will ensure you have plenty of options to choose from!

Are you under the impression that 1990s fashion is difficult to replicate? To that, we say 'as if'! '90s dresses are a cinch to style, all thanks to their balance of feminine flair with casual coolness. First, nab a basic white T-shirt, then simply layer a floral sundress or sultry slip over top. Pair your ensemble combo with combat boots and a choker necklace, and voila! You've totally mastered a cool '90s-inspired style. If separates are more your speed, matching plaids between pieces is a fun way to achieve a recently-retro aesthetic. Teaming up overalls with fitted striped tops is another easygoing favorite. Finish off any look with some space buns and body glitter, and you'll achieve this aesthetic faster than you can say 'whatever'!

Switching up your day-to-day look can be as easy as giving '90s style a try! Shop our excellent selection to discover a world of plaid mini skirts, alien stud earrings, and cool graphic tees you can outfit all across the aesthetic spectrum.

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