This month, some of our favorite spring styles are modeled by women in the entertainment industry who have a way with words.
TV Writer
Recently Worked On: Transparent
Hobbies: Motorcycles, taxidermy, hunting for vintage clothes at Goodwill
Personal Style: “Cosmic cowgirl”
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“I think it’s important to look at your clothes as if they’re a second skin.”
Writer, Producer, Playwright
Recently Worked On: I Love Dick
Fun Fact: has a cartoon alter-ego
Love Story: Met her husband at day camp (they were both bus drivers — he drove the Deer bus and she drove the Panda bus)
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“Pursuing a creative career isn’t worth it if you aren’t pursuing the thing that’s shiniest to you.”
TV Writer
Recently Worked On: The Good Place
Also a/an: avid reader (“Bookworm for life!”) and frequent guest on the podcast Gilmore Guys
Fun Fact: could recite the film “Clueless” word for word
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“My new style might be ‘Kerri-Russell-meets-one-of-those-dancing-flower-toys.”
Writer, Producer
Recently Worked On: BoJack Horseman
Obsessed with: television, vintage clothing
Personal Style: “tomboy-ish and wannabe French”
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“I try to get to the place where it feels like a story is going on inside of me and all I have to do is write it down.”
TV Writer, Playwright
Recently Worked On: How to Get Away with Murder
Fun Fact: Was the voice of ‘Special K’ in Spanish for 10 years
Love Story: Met her soulmate on a two week trip to Scotland (It was “love at first kilt.”)
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“Writing is channeling to me and I’m a medium.”
TV Writer
Recently Worked On: Greenleaf
Hobbies: boxing, motorcycles, watching bad reality TV with her sister
Fave Accessory: “Big hoop earrings forever.”
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“For me, floundering early as a writer brought me to my personal [writing] style.”