Women's Strappy Sandals

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When you are stepping out in women’s strappy sandals, your feet are free in style with our assortment of must-haves. Designed in an array of colors and textures, comfortable strappy sandals are a summer essential that pairs perfectly with your seasonal ensemble. Strappy sandals can be worn for casual beach occasions, or dressed up with flowing summer maxi dresses and structured sheath dresses. Parade your pedicure and keep your look light and airy with our eclectic strappy sandals at ModCloth.

A style borrowed by the ancient Romans, strappy flat sandals are also known as gladiator style boasting a supporting strap that stretches the length of the foot with individual straps caging the foot. Oftentimes, this style extends up the ankle and even to the knee. Adopted from a distant civilization, the strappy sandal is now an essential to modern day dress, bringing forth comfort, versatility, and style.

Strapped for style? Embrace every color of the rainbow with our women’s strappy sandals. Our super cute strappy sandals are just the accessory to add a stripe of color into your sunshine-worthy ensembles. Decked out in fresh textures and of-the-moment hues, you are bound to find a look for you. Shop our tan strappy sandals for a neutral look that can be added to your most colorful ensembles. Opt for a cute strappy wedge sandal or a style with a heel to elevate your look. Looking for something neutral with a little sparkle? Dare to dazzle in our gold strappy sandals complete with matte finishes or glittering textures. For a dose of color select red strappy sandals for your favorite, white, navy, and green ensembles. Connect with a little color and discover a summer favorite today.

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