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Discover ModCloth's unique collection of cute vintage dresses. Vintage dresses have always been a ModCloth styling staple - in fact, it was a love of throwback fashion that gave us a presence on the internet in the first place. While moving forward in the fashion world is important, we take our retro roots around here pretty seriously, as evidenced by our incredible selection of unique vintage dresses. Should you find yourself a fan of 1950s dresses, a devotee of mod shift dresses from the '60s, or an enthusiast of edgy 1980s style, you're guaranteed to discover a nostalgic look that caters to your timeless tastes! For vintage dress inspiration from the 50s, 60s & 70s, chat with a ModStylist & Book a free style session!
Be inspired by ModCloth's charming assortment of vintage dresses! Around here, retro dresses are our specialty, because they're not just a fun fashion choice - they're essentially a time machine, too! Once you explore the bold floral prints and playful fringe of our 1970s dresses, be sure to swing by our offerings of post-war-inspired shirt dresses and elegant cocktail dresses. With so many styles to discover and try, it's almost impossible to pick a favorite - but hey, at least now you know where to go when the mood for nostalgic style strikes! New vintage styles arrive on ModCloth every day. Find your perfect size from 00-28!

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