Peplum Tops

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Peplum Tops

WHAT ARE PEPLUM TOPS? You've heard the term "peplum top" before, but to be honest, you've never really known what this term means. Well you've come to the right place to find out! This flattering silhouette features a fitted waist that flares at the hips, accentuating hourglass figures. It's as common a feature on dressy tops as it is on party tops. So pick your poison (say, polka dot or floral) and go from there. You'll never look back once you start wearing this classic style.

Well peplum tops really go with anything! If we had to choose just a few styles, we'd say it pairs well with flared pants and pencil skirts alike. It's recommended to wear something body hugging on the bottom to balance out the flair of the peplum. A stacked heel can be a fun way to amplify your outfit, and we're never one to shy away from a red lip to finish off any look. But really, we say wear what makes you feel good. (And if that means a maxi skirt with a peplum, girl, you do you!)

The question is really where not to wear a peplum top? They come in such a variety, from silk satin to cotton jersey, that the occasions are as boundless as your imagination. We for one like to wear them to work then pop on a glitzy necklace and amp up our makeup before we go out on the town. Others might gravitate to a peplum for a trip to the farmers market (think a knit floral number with your fave boyfriend jeans and sandals). Peplums are really such a classic that you just can't go wrong!

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