ModCloth started in a place so many of us remember when thinking back on our early writing days — a college dorm room. That place where we dreamed up elaborate storylines and ambitious poems was integral in forming what kind of writers we were going to be, as well as who we wanted to be when we grew up.

Our founder, Susan, had no idea that when she initially dreamed up a small online venture, that she would be embarking on a dream career that would redefine the fashion industry. Her philosophy — to follow and believe in your passion — is at the heart of all that we do at ModCloth, and extends to The Written Wardrobe. We couldn't be more grateful to work at a company that recognizes creativity in all its forms — from the clothes we choose to wear, to the words we place on a page.

No matter the labels or trends, style is something that empowers and delights us. We believe The Written Wardrobe embodies this philosophy, while inspiring its readers to think about their own passions.

Happy Reading,