About Submission Guidelines
ModCloth started in a place so many of us remember when thinking back on our early writing days — a college dorm room. That place where we dreamed up elaborate storylines and ambitious poems was integral in forming what kind of writers we were going to be, as well as who we wanted to be when we grew up.

Our founder, Susan, had no idea that when she initially dreamed up a small online venture, that she would be embarking on a dream career that would redefine the fashion industry. Her philosophy - to follow and believe in your passion - is at the heart of all that we do at ModCloth, and extends to The Written Wardrobe. We couldn’t be more grateful to work at a company that recognizes creativity in all its forms — from the clothes we choose to wear, to the words we place on a page.

This collection of poetry, essays, and fiction illuminates all the ways that style influences our lives — from the way we use our personal style to express our most intimate desires to the relationships fashion helps us form with one another. No matter the labels or trends, style is something that empowers and delights us. We believe The Written Wardrobe embodies this philosophy, while inspiring its readers to think about their own passions.

Twenty writers contributed to our inaugural issue. From young friends seeking adventures in their new swimsuits, to a single mother finding pride in herself through a luxurious shade of lipstick, and to a girl who wears her culture proudly, our contributors prove that fashion goes beyond the surface.

We hope you enjoy our debut issue of The Written Wardrobe.

Thank you,

Your Friends at ModCloth
We are interested in poetry and prose that explores all the ways in which fashion and style influence and affect our lives. We are not only interested in work that directly deals with clothing, shoes, and accessories, but we also encourage various explorations and interpretations of the larger topic of "style." Don't be afraid to show us what you've got!

We are accepting poetry, fiction, and nonfiction submissions between February 1, 2011 and October 1, 2011. All submissions received during this time period will be considered for publication.

We only consider previously unpublished work, and though we will read simultaneous submissions, please let us know as soon as your piece is accepted elsewhere. You may submit once in each genre. However, you may not submit more than one entry per category. We will not read any of your pieces if you send multiple entries in the same category.

All works should be submitted separately, as an attachment, to the specific email address listed below. The response time will vary depending on the number of submissions received, though our goal is to respond to all submissions by mid-December. We are not offering payment at this time, but we can offer a wide range of promotion and readership.

Along with your submission, please submit a brief cover letter in the body of your email that includes the following:
  • a short synopsis of your submitted work
  • your submission's word count
  • your submission's genre
  • a brief biography of the author
  • how you heard about us
All submissions should be emailed to the appropriate email address listed below. Print submissions will not be considered.

The Written Wardrobe is interested in well-crafted and innovative fiction. We are up for anything - flash fiction, short stories, and novel excerpts (any excerpt must be able to stand on its own) - as long as it relates to fashion. We ask that you double space your submissions, and keep them under 7,500 words. Please email your submission as an attachment to fiction@modcloth.com with the subject line "Fiction Submission/Your Last Name."

The Written Wardrobe encourages various forms of poetry - from the most traditional to the most experimental. We accept up to three (3) poems per author, although we reserve the right to break or edit a series. Please email your submission as an attachment to poetry@modcloth.com with the subject line "Poetry Submission/Your Last Name."

The Written Wardrobe is interested in nonfiction that reads like fiction, grabs our attention, and teaches us something. We are up for almost any prose - travel writing, personal essay, book excerpts (though it must be able to stand on its own) - as along as it relates to our theme. Please no criticism or book reviews. We ask that you double space your submissions and keep them under 7,500 words. Email your submission as an attachment to nonfiction@modcloth.com with the subject line "Nonfiction Submission/Your Last Name."

Still have questions? Email us at anthologyinfo@modcloth.com.

Please note, all entries to The Written Wardrobe are subject to ModCloth's Terms of Use.