Style Glossary



A dress or skirt silhouette resembling the shape of a capital A. The garment is narrow at the waistline before gently flaring out to create a broad hemline.

Category: Dresses | Photo: Soda Fountain Dress in Grape


Accordion Bag

Rimmed in a profusion of pleats formed by accordion-bellow-like compartments, the accordion purse expands for flexible storage, creating a triangle shape that tapers toward the top.

Category: Bags | Photo: Mahogany Muse Bag


Accordion Pleat

Accordion pleated skirts are made from a full circle of fabric, featuring pressed-in pleats that are wide at the bottom and taper in at the waist to create a fun, full-bodied flair.

Sometimes called a sunburst-pleated skirt, accordion pleated skirts are made from a full circle of fabric, featuring pressed-in pleats that are wide at the bottom and taper in at the waist, creating a fun, full-bodied flair.

Category: Dresses, Skirts | Photo: As You Swish Skirt in Teal


Adelaide Boot

Named for the Queen Consort of William IV, these Victorian era booties were made of either silk or kid leather, and had no left-right differentiation. Their construction kept women's ankles from being seen when their crinolines were scandalously swept atilt by the wind.

Category: Shoes | Photo: History of Footwear


Ankle Boot

Boot that rises ankle-high; may or may not feature a heel. Also called a "bootie."

Category: Shoes | Photo: Mulberry Boot



In photography, the small opening through which light travels to strike the film or sensor to create an image. Combined with the shutter speed and ISO, the aperture has an effect on the correct exposure of a photograph. The aperture is measured by the relative width of the opening, or f-number, and has a principle role in determining the depth of field.

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An ornament or decoration applied to a garment.

Photo: Vanilla Biscotti Dress



Typically constructed of cloth or plastic, this bibbed garment is tied around the neck and waist to protect clothing beneath.

Photo: Bon Appetit Apron



A multicolored knit pattern composed of various diamond shapes.

Photo: Vintage Argyle Forest Scarf



In men's fashion, a neck scarf with a narrow band and broad pointed wings that is secured with a pin. A double scarf that is worn casually looped under the chin may also bare this name and is found across men's and women's styles.

Category: Accessories, Scarves


Asymmetrical Hem

A hemline style in which either the front or back is lengthier, or shaped differently, than the opposite side.

Category: Dresses, Skirts | Photo: Teal It In Dress


Asymmetrical Neckline

A neckline which appears different on either side of the center front.

Photo: Sipping Champagne Dress



Silver-clad ankle boots like these, which hail from the 12th-15th century Chimu culture of ancient Peru, were literally to die for in their day and age; they are thought to have been used in an upper echelon burial.

Category: Shoes



French for "work room or studio," typically reserved for highly-established, French fashion houses



Originally created by Bausch & Lomb in 1936 for use by pilots, these versatile shades feature a thin, metal frame encircling altered-oval lenses that angle down and away from the bridge of the nose. Aviators saw a wave of popularity in the 60s and 70s, and remain a well-loved classic today.

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