Style Glossary



Fascinating shoes like these, also known as nalin, were donned by Turkish women when they went to the hammam. Wearing these, women wouldn't have to step on the steaming, heated floor. It is even thought that these shoes may have influenced the creation of the European chopine!


Kangaroo Pocket

A roomy pouch pocket added to the center front of tops, just above the hemline.



A quality that transcends many facets of Japanese pop culture, kawaii describes all things cute, adorable, or downright delightful in design. From that ubiquitous “Kitty” and other recognizable cartoon characters, to the ruffles that adorn your ankle socks, if it makes you grin, blush, or even giggle, it's kawaii!



Square of cloth worn as a scarf around the neck, over the head, or in one's pocket.


Kick Pleat

A kick pleat is a little flap-covered slit found at the rear hem of a fitted skirt.

Kick pleats are those little flap-covered slits found at the rear hem of many a fitted skirt. This little inverted pleats give us the ability to walk with ease, and look good doing it!

Category: Skirts, Dresses


Kiltie Fringe

A flap of fringed leather that extends to the toe of the shoe.

Category: Shoes


Kisslock closure

Fastening style where opposing metal spheres on a pair of hinged arms are positioned to snap past the other, securing the opening of clutches, change purses, and handbags.

Category: Bags



Borrowed from the German for "trash," this term describes objects or styles that disregard the common boundaries of high art. Inexpensive, commercially produced, and often teaming with sentimentality, this term typically applied to early toys and memorabilia common in the Western Hemisphere. In the contemporary context, this term describes all things adorable, and its connotation has transformed from one of scorn to a pop culture compliment.


Kitten Heel

A short, slender heel shorter than two inches in length.

Category: Shoes


Knife Pleat

A row of thin, sharply pressed folds used to detail garments.

Category: Skirts, Dresses