Style Glossary


Babydoll Dress

A feminine dress style with an empire waist and an A-line skirt which falls just above or just below the knees.

Category: Dresses | Photo: Glisten to Yourself Dress



A sack-like bag designed to be carried on one's back via double shoulder straps. Usually constructed of cloth, canvas, waterproof plastics, or leather.

Category: Bags | Photo: For All You Carry Backpack



A strapless band of fabric worn around the bust as a layering piece.

Category: Tops, Intimates | Photo: Lavish Layering Padded Bandeau in Rose


Bangle Bracelet

A stiff, ringed bracelet typically made of metal, plastic, wood, or other materials. Popularized during the 1990s, these ornamental hoops are often worn in pairs or bunches along the wrist or lower forearm.

Category: Jewelry | Photo: On Jagged Edge Bracelet


Barrymore Collar

A button-up shirt collar style with long, exaggerated points. This style was popularized by actor John Barrymore during the 1930s.

Category: Tops


Basque Waist

A V-shaped waistline which lengthens the bodice.

Category: Dresses, Skirts | Photo: Basque in the Memories Dress


Bateau Neckline

Wide neckline that runs from shoulder to shoulder, but is high in both the front and back. Comes from the French word for "boat"; also called Boat Neck.

Category: Dresses, Tops | Photo: Alluring Acres Dress in Cheers



Batik is a hand dying technique in which parts of a fabric are initially covered with wax. The fabric is then immersed in dye, and only the unwaxed areas of the fabric absorb the color. This process can continue on the same piece of fabric to achieve a variety of brilliant colors and ornate designs. The traditional process of batik dying originated in Indonesia.

Considered a national art in Indonesia, batik is a wax-resist dying method that involves spreading wax on a fabric and then dip dying it.


Bell Bottom

Trousers that become wider from the knee downward.

Category: Bottoms, Pants | Photo: Flare Play Jeans


Bell Sleeve

A sleeve that fits smoothly at the arm hole, and flares out at the wrist.

Category: Dresses, Tops | Photo: Shadow Dynamics Dress



A phenomena that originated in Japan, these small boxes or containers are used for single-serving meals that are purchased or packed at home. In recent decades, the design of bento has shifted from the traditional wooden to more creative plastic, metal, and even disposable iterations that may also feature well-known characters.

Category: Kitchen Decor | Photo: Berry Well Deserved Bento Box Set



A dress or skirt silhouette which is cut on the diagonal or bias of fabric.

Photo: Top of the Twirled Dress


Bib Collar

Rounded or square collar that runs down the front of a dress or top like a child's bib. Often covered with ruffles, pleats, or embroidery.

Photo: Rainy Day Darling Dress in Teal


Bib Necklace

A bib necklace is an oversized accessory in which the necklace's ornamentation is arranged in a shape along the base of the neck that resembles a child's bib.

Generally fitting close to the base of the neck, the fringe, chain links, fringe, or beads are arranged in a shape that looks like a triangular scarf or a child's bib.

Category: Necklaces, Jewelry | Photo: Stop Elaborate and Glisten Necklace in Black



A woman's two piece swimsuit.

Category: Swimwear | Photo: Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece in Black


Bishop Sleeves

Bishop sleeves are characterized by full sleeves, set into a standard-sized arm hole, with a gathered or banded cuff at the wrist.

Characterized by a full sleeve, set into a standard-sized arm hole, and gathered into a banded cuff at the wrist. The look was first made popular in the 1850s (talk about vintage!), and can also be called a "full bishop."

Photo: More Accordion Top



Formerly the lace-up garment worn over a blouse, this term now described the entire upper portion of a woman's dress.



A tailored, above-the-waist jacket. Typically collarless and without any genre of fastener, the bolero is inspired by the richly complex outfits of matadors and gets its name from a Spanish dance.

Category: Outerwear


Bolo Tie

A type of necktie comprised of a segment of shoestring or braided leather held by a decorative medallion or slide. Typically associated with American Western fashions.

Category: Accessories



Boning is the structure-enhancing flexible plastic strips sewn inside the bodice of many a well-fitted garment, from the strapless dress, to the bustier-style top and more. Boning, originally used in corsetry, was traditionally made of bone.

Boning, originally used in corsetry, is a fossil compared to the modern strapless dress, and was originally made of — you guessed it — bone. Nowadays, boning is a bit more vegan-friendly; it's the structure-enhancing flexible plastic strips that you'll feel sewn inside the bodice of many a well-fitted garment, from the strapless dress, to the bustier-style top and more.

Photo: Wearer's Pride Waist Corselet in Black


Box Pleat

Box pleats are knife pleats back-to-back, and have a tendency to spring out from the waistline.

Photo: Classic Stunner Dress in Horizon


Breton Stripes

Horizontal stripes, traditionally in navy blue, red or black, of an equal width and distance apart.

Photo: Relaxing Poolside Dress



The go-to bag for many working professionals, from professors to businesswomen, the briefcase is a large, flat, rectangular bag made for carrying papers, books, etc. It is most often crafted of real or faux leather and is topped by a handle. The bag’s name derives from the fact that lawyers often use such cases to carry legal briefs to court.

Category: Bags | Photo:



A luxurious fabric characterized by its raised, metallic design, often depicting baroque floral patterns.

Photo: Gilding a Mystery Dress



The brogue shoe is an oxford style shoe, with a low, walkable heel and a traditional wingtip design, decorated with pinking and heavy perforations.

A type of oxford, brogues are a heavy walking shoe (originally worn by men) that usually feature a wing tip design, decorated with pinking and heavy perforations.

Category: Shoes | Photo: Bright on Your Feet Flat


Broomstick Pleating

A type of wrinkled pleating. Damp fabric is gathered up, rolled around a cylinder and bound to hold until dry to create a rugged, wrinkled pleating.


Bubble Hem

The bubble hem was introduced in 1959 as part of the original "bubble dress." The bubble hem is characterized by a skirt flaring out at the hips and tapering in at the hem.

Photo: Get Up and Grove Dress


Bucket Bag

A carryall bag consisting of a bucket-shaped basin that often is flat-bottomed, of a box-like structure, or has a drawstring top.

Category: Bags



An adjustable fastening device used to secure two loose ends together with one end held to the other by a catch. Often used decoratively in addition to its functional purpose.

Photo: Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Yellow - 14"



An open, glue-stiffened fabric used as a base or backing in millinery and shoe design.

Category: Hats


Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo plaid is a large check pattern, generally consisting of two colors (although a recent comeback of this favorite has seen a kaleidoscope of hues). This pattern is said to have been invented in the 1850s by a plaid designer who found inspiration in a herd of buffalo he owned.

Photo: Rooftop Harvest Tunic


Bugle Bead

A type of seed bead. A long, thin, cylindrical bead.

Photo: Dancing 'til Daybreak Dress in Black


Bum Roll

Bum rolls were plump, crescent shaped pillows worn by middle and upper class ladies during the Elizabethan era. These 16th and 17th-century women styled them over (sometimes up to three) petticoats, underneath an additional petticoat and a skirt, and wore them in conjunction with an elaborate steel corset. In addition to spreading the skirt evenly, the rolls gave the appearance of wider hips, an on-trend look of the time!


Burnout Fabric

Burnout fabric is a lightweight fabric, created by printing a pattern with a substance that destroys one or more of the fibers present within that fabric.

Traditionally created by weaving a fabric with two different types of yarns, and then destroying all or part of one type of yarn (usually dissolving it with a chemical) to achieve the desired (and chic) effect.

Photo: Heart Work and Practice Top



A strapless top with a sweetheart neckline and boning throughout the bodice to maintain a rigid silhouette.

Category: Tops | Photo: California Twirl Bustier Top



A structure which sits beneath the skirt, low on the hips, with the intent of filling out the posterior of a Victorian lady's dress or skirt.

Made of horsehair, straw-stuffed pillows, steel half hoops, whale bone, or molded mesh wires, bustles sat beneath the skirt, low on the hips, with the intent of filling out the posterior of a lady's attire.


Butterfly Glasses

A style popular during the 1960s, these rimless sunglasses are made with lenses in the shape of a butterfly's wings.

Category: Sunglasses | Photo: Feeling So Butterfly Sunglasses


Button Earring

Earring fastened with a screw-on element at the end of its post.

Category: Earrings | Photo: Refined Dining Earrings