Social Butterflies

Hi there! You must have come across a tweet so fantastic or an update so enticing, that you just had to know more about the fabulous brains behind it! We like to call our social media savvy team the Social Butterflies, and our goal is to strike up conversation and connect with you on a daily basis. We aim to be the front-runners of whats fresh in the world of fashion, culture, and social media and provide a dose of good ol fun!

As the social voice of ModCloth, we talk about products we love, our favorite vintage finds and chic destinations, new music that makes us want to dance, and the latest news capturing our hearts from around the globe. We are always inspired by our wonderful community, and read every bit of information and feedback that you send our way! Were also happy to answer any questions you might have regarding fit, style, or outfit pairings. So, if youve just found us, please follow us or friend us, and join in on the fun!

Martha S.
Social Media Editor
Reader, eater, and sassy little monkey.
Ashley M.D.
Social Media Specialist
Superheroes & sparkles, nuff said.
Natalie B.
Marketing Writing Manager
Boot collector. Papillon lover. Eater of cheese.
Julianne M.
Fashion and Social Media Writer
Adventurous, all-day breakfast fiend!