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Sample 1459

Sample 1459

Part of being a fashion buyer is making hard decisions about which styles will be favorites, and which will fail. It's always sad to turn down a design you like, but the ModShoppers have spoken and decided this jacket just won't make the cut. Click here to see the items you did pick!
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Overall, I think is cute. The only thing I don't like is the drawstring hood. It makes the blazer look cheap. If the hood was not a drawstring one, I would quickly buy this, especially since the hood is removable.

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Pick It! 03/04/12 @ 09:38AM

That hood is stupid. It looks perfectly fine without the hood.

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Skip It! 03/04/12 @ 04:05PM

I'm not a fan of the color, and the hood just looks stupid.

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Skip It! 03/04/12 @ 04:08PM
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