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Sample 663

Sample 663

Part of being a fashion buyer is making hard decisions about which styles will be favorites, and which will fail. It's always sad to turn down a design you like, but the ModShoppers have spoken and decided this dress just won't make the cut. Click here to see the items you did pick!
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Nope, nope, lacy stuff on both shoulders just looks weird.

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Skip It! 01/13/11 @ 03:53PM

I'm not a fan of the nude color scheme. The dress doesn't need the lace. It looks like a rendition of the Jabberwocky from an old musical-play-turned-movie I used to watch called Through the Looking Glass. I loved the play... but the Jabberwocky was actually very frightening. It either looks like that, or a dead crow splattered on the side of the road. Other than the color, and the weird ruffled feathers look, the top would not be very flattering to anyone's bust. Larger breasted women would not be able to button it, and smaller breasted women would look flat. The dress shape below the waist is fine. I love the fabric, it drapes very elegantly and sets the sleeves to fluttering. I love the sash at the waist, and the contrast of light to dark. I love the fabric-covered buttons, which would be delightful if the top had more shape. Because of its cons, though, I'm not sold on it, and I doubt that anyone else will be overly thrilled with it either. Skip.

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Skip It! 01/13/11 @ 03:57PM

Did a bird just land on my shoulders? Does not look flattering for anyone with that belt that looks like it's missing an apron and that weird neckline.

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Skip It! 01/13/11 @ 04:07PM
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