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Sample 3270

Sample 3270

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I like the flutter sleeves, the lace detailing on the top, and the detailing on hem of the overlay. However, I think the shoulder straps are spread too far out. I imagine that they would be constantly slipping off one's shoulders. Also, I think the underlying skirt should be the same shape as the overlying one, then maybe it wouldn't look so odd. Lastly, I think this needs to be in a different color. The current combination makes it look like a faded Miss Havisham dress.

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Skip It! 02/06/14 @ 10:18AM

If the bottom of this dress, in the front, reached the floor, and the back has shirring, and the waist was elastic, but the train stayed the say length, I would click pick-it for this dress, but as is (way too short in front, and made so you have to fit the dress (which doesn't usually work out well) rather than the dress fitting you- Skip!

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Skip It! 02/06/14 @ 10:29AM

I love this but I think it would be better as a one length dress and not a high low.

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Pick It! 02/06/14 @ 10:45AM
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