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Sample 3224

Sample 3224

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I like the color scheme and the design, but unfortunately it wouldn't be a very good choice for my 34Ds.

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Pick It! 11/15/13 @ 02:05PM

I really really like this! I love the skirt and the length. I love the detailing around the waist. I think the color choice make this dress unique and it keeps it from veering into "little princess" territory. The only changes I would suggest is to build up the top a bit, because it seems a little too low cut, and I would also change the color of the straps. There is not a bit of white anywhere else in this dress - So, why in the world would you make the straps white??

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Pick It! 11/15/13 @ 02:11PM

Very pretty color combo, but quality looks like a $30 dress. The pink showing through the bodice is very uneven. Up close, it clearly shows the pleat at the very front and center that is caught up in the seam. The waistband is very pretty but is noticeably crooked in wideview and up close looks like some of the embellishments are already loose. The super thin, white straps look very cheap. I really hate that bodice style because it looks a bit bra-like and also has to fit your chest just right or it looks awful.

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Skip It! 11/15/13 @ 02:59PM
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