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Sample 1883

Sample 1883

Part of being a fashion buyer is making hard decisions about which styles will be favorites, and which will fail. It's always sad to turn down a design you like, but the ModShoppers have spoken and decided this dress just won't make the cut. Click here to see the items you did pick!
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This dress if ok but the front of it just seems a little bland. It needs a belt or a v neck or something more interesting.

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Skip It! 06/25/12 @ 08:10PM

Something about the waist is really awkward, but I can't place it.

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Pick It! 06/25/12 @ 08:24PM

This one doesn't work for me. I like the colour combination of the taupe top picking up on the colours in the skirt, but it's not really a particularly flattering colour for many and could make a lot of girls look washed out. The overall shape isn't all that flattering - it looks too high-waisted to be flattering around the midsection and could accentuate or give the illusion of a protruding tummy and wider hips, and the cut of the bodice could make the bust area look rather shapeless. The keyhole back is impractical as it would prevent you from wearing a bra under this top, but you would need a good bra to give you shape and counteract the shapelessness that the bodice would create. This just seems like it would be unflattering.

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Skip It! 06/25/12 @ 08:26PM
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