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Sample 1111

Sample 1111

Part of being a Fashion Buyer is dealing with the harsh realities of the fashion industry. Even though you picked this item, it simply couldn’t be produced due to designer concerns—a factor out of our control. But, you can Click here to see the items that have been made!
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This dress is a bit confusing. The back doesn't really go with the rest of the dress. The whole thing is very drab with this almost shocking open back. I think if it were in brighter colors than brown and navy the back wouldn't look so mismatched.

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Skip It! 09/16/11 @ 12:30AM

What is with the dresses with the odd backs? This dress would be a whole lot better if it had a normal top half without the funky back! And I'm not a fan of the brown and black either.

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Skip It! 09/16/11 @ 03:19PM

I don't like the flap on the top

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Skip It! 09/16/11 @ 03:20PM
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