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Sample 3320

Sample 3320

Part of being a fashion buyer is making hard decisions about which styles will be favorites, and which will fail. It's always sad to turn down a design you like, but the ModShoppers have spoken and decided this style just won't make the cut. Click here to see the items you did pick!
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Just a little too busy for my petite frame, may be cute on others though!

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Skip It! 04/15/14 @ 01:38PM

I'm such a sad sorry sucker for a printed blazer, and the bird print on this is so fresh and has so many great colors.

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Pick It! 04/15/14 @ 01:39PM

The cut and fit look like they would be very flattering and the pattern of the fabric is fun but the combination does nothing for me. The pattern is not well matched at all along the back seam. Also most of the birds seem to be upside down. All in all if this were a coat in another pattern or solid, I would most certainly pick it based on the merits of its cut and finish, but as it is I'm skipping it.

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Skip It! 04/15/14 @ 02:03PM
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