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Sample 1575

Sample 1575

Part of being a fashion buyer is making hard decisions about which styles will be favorites, and which will fail. It's always sad to turn down a design you like, but the ModShoppers have spoken and decided this top just won't make the cut. Click here to see the items you did pick!
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Too many patterns going on. Also, that's a steep price for a shirt.

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Skip It! 04/09/12 @ 04:19PM

I think this is adorable! I'm not a huge fan of the straps in the back with the visible adjustments, and the price is a bit steep. However, it's a cute look!

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Pick It! 04/09/12 @ 04:24PM

Sometimes I'm not sure I'm the target demographic for this website. As an early-twenties college grad with a workplace on the casual side of business casual, I have above-average freedom in my style choices. What I can't figure out is when exactly I'm supposed to wear all these frilly, lacy, floral garments that look like sized-up versions of something off my little cousins' dolls. I suppose with a huge chest you could call it subversive, but if not, you just actually look 12. There are some gorgeous pieces here, which is why I keep coming back, but I'm genuinely perplexed why so much of what's sold here falls into this infantile aesthetic.

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Skip It! 04/09/12 @ 04:39PM
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