What is Be the Buyer?

Sometimes there are designs that we absolutely adore, but the designer can only put them into production if they make a large quantity. As a small company, it’s difficult for us to make these big inventory commitments without knowing if you will love the designs as much as we do! It’s a little like mind reading. That’s why we created Be the Buyer.

Be the Buyer allows you, the customer, to be a virtual member of our Fashion Buying Team, and tell us which designs you love. We will show you potential designs, and using the ‘Pick It’ button, you can vote for your favorites! If a style gets enough votes, the design will be sewn with love and sold by ModCloth. Your vote means that you feel strongly about bringing this dress into the fashion world, so please ‘Pick It’ with care.

If the item you choose is produced and becomes available for purchase, we’ll send you an email so you can be the first to buy it, wear it, and welcome it into your wardrobe! Within a few weeks of voting, you might be wearing a design that you helped to create. This might mean a little bit more waiting for your unique design, but we think it’s worth it for you to be a part of our buying process!

What are Designer Sneak Peeks?

We know our ModShoppers are the best critics, and that's why we created Be the Buyer. Now we're introducing Sneak Peek - each season brings a new batch of clothes from designers we love, and it's always a hard task to decide how many of each item we should have in stock. That's why we want to involve you in the process. All of these pieces will definitely be sold by ModCloth, but it's just a matter of figuring out how many to carry so your favorite items don't sell out before you can get them. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's harder than you think! That's why we're asking you to help let us know what you want to wear next season! So start picking the favorites you really want, and share the links with friends via facebook, twitter, or email, to help spread the word about the pieces you love and want to buy.

Start Picking Now!