What does 'Final Sale' mean?

If an item is marked 'Final Sale,' this means that it cannot be returned or exchanged. Store credit or a refund will not be issued for any returned 'Final Sale' items.

Will you be getting ______ back in stock?

For our vintage items, which are one of a kind, we're generally not able to re-stock. However, sometimes we are able to find something similar! Our non-vintage items can often be re-ordered, and if we have enough interest we do our best to get more. When you see an item that you'd like that isn't currently in stock, click on the 'I Need It!' link and let us know!

Where do you find your clothes?

All over! We carry a variety of things, and all of them come from different places. For our one-of-a-kind pieces we scour thrift shops, flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales. We order our vintage-inspired items from small, independent designers who fit our style and ideals. We love to source our clothes from all over, because it means we can bring you the best and most unique variety.

Can I use more than one coupon on my order?

No, sorry! Our system only accepts the last coupon entered. Coupon codes cannot be combined.

Why don't I get ModCloth emails?

We like to keep in touch with our community, so we send our members emails about fun features, contests, and sales, in addition to other news and important order info. We also take care to respond to every customer email that we receive. So, if you've joined ModCloth but aren't receiving these emails, or if you're simply having trouble communicating with us, we're sorry!

Gmail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail can mistakenly block ModCloth messages as spam, and many of our customers who have these addresses don't receive our messages at all. If your address is through one of those providers, this is most likely the reason. But, you can adjust your settings to make sure our emails get to your inbox and not your spam folder. Here's how to do it with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. If that's not the problem, give us a call at 1-888-495-9699, and we'll happily help you over the phone.

If you're not a ModCloth member, but you'd like to receive our emails, won't you join us?

How do I change my email preferences?

If you've joined ModCloth, you're automatically set to receive emails about our fun features and contests, exclusive opportunities, and first-to-know info, as well as other news and important order info. But, you can also customize the types of messaging you wish to receive. Wanna do that? First make sure you're signed in, then click on your name at the top of the page to access your email settings. From there, you can select, adjust, or limit your email preferences as you wish!

Are ModCloth's products manufactured in the United States?

We search the globe to bring you the cutest, most unique items from indie designers all over the world, and sometimes, we don't have to look too far! We offer an extensive list of products made right here in the U.S., and we're always looking for more. To check our 'Made in the USA' items, click here!

Do you carry petite, larger, additional, plus, or extended sizes of your clothing?

  • We know not everyone is built the same, and we do our best to accommodate all body types at ModCloth! When our Buyers find great, indie designs that come in petite or larger sizes, we're excited to stock them! To see a list of our current styles in extended sizes, click here!

    How do you determine if a dress is long, short, or somewhere in-between?

    For every dress we carry, we determine length by using our own guidelines and taking our own measurements. We pull a size small for each dress and measure it from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the skirt hem.

    Our Maxi dresses measure 40+ inches long, or if they're strapless, 32+ inches long.

    Our Mini dresses are 31.75 inches long or less, or 24.75 inches long or less if strapless.

    And our Longer Length dresses measure between 32 - 39.75 inches long, or 25 - 31.75 inches long if strapless.

    You can find these length measurements under the 'Details' section of the page for that item. That's the long and short of it!

    What is so special about ModCloth's shipping materials?

    As an eco-friendly company, we pride ourselves on using environmentally conscious packaging. Today, most retailers incorporate just a ratio eco-friendliness into their shipping methods by settling for a 30/70 split of recycled and new materials. However, our kraft-brown boxes are made of 100% post-consumer recycled content! It's unique because it's an end product that has completed its life cycle as a consumer item, which would have otherwise have been disposed of as solid waste. We also use reusable and recyclable poly bags for single item orders. The box and bag designs are printed using waste-free, biodegradable Eekoflex ink. Unlike petroleum or soy-based inks, Eekoflex ink can be remade into usable product. Here's to a more colorful, Earth-friendly future!

    My order status says, "pending." What does that mean?

    'Pending' just means that our system successfully received your order! Once the order leaves our fulfillment center, we'll email you a tracking number, and your order status will change to 'Shipped.'

    Oh, no! An item I love is out of stock! What can I do?

    Sign up for a notification - it's an easy way to find out when sold out items have been restocked. If that dress you've fallen in love with is sold out or that lamp you're dying to have is no longer available, just sign up for an email restock notification. That way, whenever the item comes back, you'll be the first person to find out!

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we do! In fact, we just started offering a new, lower cost shipping option for all international orders. Read all about it on our shipping information page!

    Why don't you remove the vintage items once they sell?

    We keep the vintage items up on the page so that our customers get an idea of what styles and types of items we typically get in for sale. We add a new vintage collection every month, but they do sell fast! If we removed every vintage item once it was sold, we would have nothing up on the site to show our customers! Check out all of our current and past vintage treasures.

    Where's my return?

    Returns are usually processed within about 5-7 business days after we receive your package, and we'll email you as soon as we open it! In the meantime, you can keep track of your package with the tracking number listed on your return shipping label.

    Do gift certificate purchases qualify for special offers or promotions?

    Sorry, but gift certificates do not count toward the purchase amount required to be eligible for free shipping or promotional offers.

    Can I return or exchange my free gift?

    Sorry, but our free gifts cannot be returned or exchanged for other items. You can read more about our returns and exchanges here.

    I just placed an order yesterday, and now you're offering a coupon. Can I use it on my previous order?

    If your order was placed in the last 60 minutes, we can absolutely apply the coupon to it! However, we are unable to apply a coupon to an order after 60 minutes have passed due to system limitations.

    Something I just ordered yesterday at full price is now on sale! Can I get the sale price?

    We'll issue you the price difference in store credit, as long as:

    * Your order was placed within 7 days of the item(s) going on sale.

    * You purchased the item(s) at the original price. We cannot offer further markdowns on sale merchandise.

    What happens if I return an item that I bought on sale or used a promo code on?

    Coupons and discount codes are allocated across all applicable items. If you applied a coupon or discount code on the order you're returning, OR if you are returning an item purchased on sale, you'll be refunded the amount that you paid after the applied discount.

    Still not sure, or need to know more? Call us at 1-888-495-9699, or contact us via email or Live Chat. We're here to give you a hand!

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