Why We Love Working with Bloggers

Collaborating with fashion bloggers is a top priority for us, because we truly value personal style. We love seeing bloggers' creativity as they incorporate our clothing and accessories into their outfits. We don't think there's one right way to create a look, and that's why we love seeing just what original stylings these unique ladies create!

Bloggers of the Moment

Ways Bloggers Can Collaborate with ModCloth

  • Interested in having ModCloth advertise on your blog? Check out our Affiliate Page or email affiliates@modcloth.com for more info.
  • Want to share your ModCloth stylings with the community? Contribute to our ModCloth Style Gallery, or review ModCloth products on our site by following the guidelines below.
  • Want to play tour guide? For our Travel Bug feature, we work with bloggers to give us a tour of their hometown that you can’t get from a brochure. If you’re interested, email bloggers@modcloth.com.
  • We love to see how you wear your favorite ModCloth pieces, and sometimes we can’t help but share it out. Hashtag your outfit photos with #ModCloth on your favorite social platform and you just might be featured on ours!
  • To receive ModCloth updates that might be interesting to your readers, sign up for our Blogger Press List here.
  • Have a question that's not answered above? Email bloggers@modcloth.com.

Blogger Review Guidelines

Our community values blogs like yours for their high-quality feedback, images, and content. If you’re already featuring ModCloth frocks, jewels, and heels on your blog, why not share your thoughts on them with our audience via product reviews?

When you do, just keep in mind the deets below:
  • Including a photo or two with your review is really helpful! Adding images allows your unique styling and pairing ideas to be shared with our entire community, and assists others when determining fit.
  • Be sure to identify yourself as a blogger/blogger name (but to stay in accordance to our guidelines, please don’t post a link to your site).
  • Include as much information regarding fit, wearability, and other details that you would want to know before purchasing an item.
  • If your blog is sponsored by ModCloth, and you’re reviewing items you’ve received as gifts, please make sure to mention: My blog ____________ is sponsored by ModCloth, who provided me with this __________.
  • As always, you can read the full terms and conditions of product reviews here.